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A civilised, unpretentious community in Palm Beach County, Florida, named after General William Worth, who led American forces during the Second Seminole War.

Lake Worth

Sixty miles north of downtown Miami, Lake Worth boasts the motto, 'Where the Tropics Begin.' On its barrier island side there is normally a jolly, public beach scene; on the mainland, a dozen or more antique shops set the tone along Lake and Lucerne Avenues, the heart of Lake Worth's low-key downtown area.

Here you will find an Art Deco movie theatre which has been converted into an space for art exhibitaions, the Edns Hibel gallery and the Museum of the City of Lake Worth. It is full of old photos and everyday items from toasters to cameras and its many displays dipict the culture of some local immigrants.

Barton Park, at the Lake Worth municipal beach, has a pavilion, picnic tables, a playground, and is adjacent to a local swimming pool.

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HOTEL: Quiet, Clean Rooms
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Image of Hampton Inn West Palm Beach - Lake Worth - Turnpike

HOTEL: Hampton Inn West Palm Beach - Lake Worth - Turnpike
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Image of New Sun Gate

HOTEL: New Sun Gate
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Image of South Palm Suites

HOTEL: South Palm Suites
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Image of Hummingbird Hotel

HOTEL: Hummingbird Hotel
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Image of Southgate Motel

HOTEL: Southgate Motel
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Image of Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast Inn

HOTEL: Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast Inn
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Image of Colonial Village Motel Lake Worth

HOTEL: Colonial Village Motel Lake Worth
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Image of Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast

HOTEL: Mango Inn Bed and Breakfast
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